Yukiko Amagi

Yukiko Amagi
Yukiko p4.png
Art from Persona 4
天城 雪子
Arcana The Priestess
First Appearance Persona 4
Weapon Fans
Initial Persona Konohana Sakuya
Advanced/Prime Persona Amaterasu
Ultimate Persona Sumeo-Okami
Group Investigation Team
English Voice Actor Amanda Winn Lee
Japanese Voice Actor Ami Koshimizu
Date of Birth December 8, 1994

Yukiko Amagi is a major character in Persona 4 and all its kindred titles. She is Chie Satonaka's best friend and heiress to her family's business, the Amagi Inn.


[edit] Appearance

Yukiko's design represents the traditional Japanese woman, in a way. She comes off very elegant and pretty, with straight, long black hair and short fringe. She theme's herself in Red, a contrast to her name meaning and stereotypical personality. It was Chie who led her to this colour, and she adopted it in most of her outfits.

[edit] Character and Personality

Yukiko is very quiet and shy at first, only opening up to Chie. After her rescue from the TV World, she opens up to the rest of the group. She is seemingly easily amused, and has a tendency to go into fits of laughter over the slightest thing.

One of her major personality traits is her sort of disconnect from the world at large. There are several scenarios where she can come off as an airhead, not understanding context or meaning.

[edit] Personae

Yukiko's Initial Persona is Konohana Sakuya, who she obtained by facing her true self and defeating her Shadow.

Her Advanced Persona is Amaterasu. When Yu and her become close, either through becoming Lovers, or by helping her reach a life decision, she gains the strength and potential to advance her Persona.

Her Ultimate Persona is Sumeo-Okami, a stronger version of Amaterasu. She gains this Persona after having defeated Ameno-Sagiri, and reaffirming the bond between her and Yu during the following months.

[edit] List of Appearances

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