The Pierced Boy

The Pierced Boy
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Art from Megami Ibunroku Persona
Japanese Name -
Arcana The Emperor
First Appearance Revelations: Persona
Weapon One-handed Sword, Sub-machine Gun
Initial Persona Seimen Kongou
Advanced/Prime Persona None
Ultimate Persona Amon Ra
Group St Hermelin High Persona-Users
English Voice Actor Grant George
Japanese Voice Actor Katashi Ishizuka (PS)

Akira Ishida (Drama CD 1) Kishou Taniyama (Drama CD 2)

The Pierced Boy is the nameable Protagonist of Revelations: Persona.


[edit] Appearance

The Pierced Boy is only ever seen in his St Hermelin High Uniform. While every member of the St Hermelin High Persona-Users wears the uniform in their own style, he is the only one to wear it unmodified. This also makes him the only lead protagonist in the Persona series who doesn't wear his uniform in a unique style, as all Tatsuya Suou, Makoto Yuki, and Yu Narukami have their blazer jackets open. His most notable appearance trait is, as implied by his known moniker, his earring.

In the western version of Revelations: Persona, the protagonist was reworked to have shorter, dark red hair, and a lighter skin colour. He also lacked his trademark earring, so he had lost his unique moniker and was simply "the protagonist".

[edit] Character and Personality

[edit] Personae

The Pierced Boy's Initial Persona is Seimen Kongou. It is granted to him by Philemon after he and the group of St. Hermelin High students play The Persona Game.

His Ultimate Persona, Amon Ra, is obtainable when The Pierced Boy meets his other self in Maki's Dream World. He gives the player the items needed to fuse the entire teams Ultimate Personae when answering his questions correctly.

In addition to his personal set of Personae, The Pierced Boy has the ability to wield a great number of Personae, with varying affinities depending on the Arcana. He is most compatible with Personae of The Emperor, The Moon, The Strength, and The World. He has the worst compatibility with The Hierophant, The Death, and The Star, and therefore is unable to use any Personae belonging to those Arcana.

The Pierced Boy has no Advanced or Prime Persona.

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