Rise Kujikawa

Rise Kujikawa
Rise (Persona 4).jpg
Art from Persona 4
Japanese Name 久慈川 りせ
Arcana The Lovers
First Appearance Persona 4
Weapon Support, Microphone and Stand (Ultimax)
Initial Persona Himiko
Advanced/Prime Persona Kanzeon
Date Of Birth June 1,1996
Group Investigation Team
English Voice Actor Laura Bailey
Japanese Voice Actor Rie Kugimiya

Rise Kujikawa is a major character in Persona 4 and all its kindred titles. She becomes the support member of the Investigation Team after she leaves stardom and moves to Inaba with her grandmother.


[edit] Appearance

Rise Kujikawa is short in height (at 5'1) with copper colored hair and two pigtails on the sides. Her conventional attire consists of the Yasogami High Uniform coupled with a grey plaid skirt and leggings. On summer days she is seen wearing an orange shirt over a white turtleneck and white colored pants. Before she joins the Investigation Team, she wears a pink turtleneck, a blue skirt, and a white headscarf. However, this attire is only seen while she works at her grandmother's tofu shop. In the fall, she wears a white shirt and a short yellow bowtie with her plaid skirt.

On New Year's Day, Rise wears a blue kimono with her hair tied up from the back. For Valentine's Day, she wears a white fur coat with a pink scarf under a black shirt and skirt. During the group's ski trip, she wears a pink and white varsity hoodie with dark colored pants and gloves and ski glasses. In the epilogue, Rise has her hair grown along with a pink see through top over a blue shirt, brown sunglasses, a necklace, and brown pants. She is the only member of the Investigation Team that does not have variety of optional outfits in Persona 4: Golden.

In Persona 4: Arena, she wears her traditional Yasogami High uniform during all in-game conversations.

[edit] Character and Personality

Rise is first seen, unnamed, in the opening sequence to Persona 4 as Yu Narukami takes the train into Inaba. She is again seen after Kanji Tatsumi's recovery after his rescue. Rise is a teen Idol, a popular figure in the entertainment industry. This side of her isn't entirely explored within Persona 4, as her initial arc revolves around her leaving the industry and moving to Inaba to stay with her grandmother at Marukyu Tofu on Inaba's Shopping District.

Over the course of her introduction in Inaba, and the lead-up to her TV World Rescue, it's revealed that Rise suffers from identity confusion. In her mind, the 'Rise Kujikawa' and 'Risette', along with other masks she has worn over her life, are different versions of her. Rise has a deep fear of losing herself, and is unsure of which one of her masks is the "real" Rise Kujikawa.

When facing her Shadow Self, it takes on a twisted version of her 'Risette' personality, and causes Rise to freak out. After the battle, Rise discovers that of all the masks, there is no "real" her. All the different Rise's in her mind are just a part of her.

After the rescue, Rise is a lot more brighter and cheerful, even playful to the point that Chie and Yukiko are worried about her advances on Yu. Out of all the female Social Links in the game, Rise is the most blatant about her love for Yu.

[edit] Personae

Rise's Initial Persona is Himiko. She gains this after she accepts her Shadow, and immediately steps into a Support role in the fight against Teddie's Shadow Self.

Kanzeon, her Advanced Persona, is obtained after coming to terms with her role as both 'Rise' and 'Risette', two different parts of her personality, rather than the different masks she mistook them for. She decides to return to the entertainment industry with her new confidence.

His Ultimate Persona is Kouzeon, a stronger evolved version of her Advanced. She gains this through her resolve to protect the smiles of the people close to her, by continuing to be the ray of hope for her many fans and friends.

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