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Persona Stalker Club is a monthly Web Show hosted on NicoNicoDouga, and is a variety talk show about the Persona franchise. It is hosted by voice actress Tomomi Isomura, and freelance writer Mafia Kajita, both huge Persona fans. The show debuted it's first episode on Feb 28, 2014.


[edit] Show Summary

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ATLUS started the project preparation shortly after the November Reveal Event (for PQ, P4AU, P4DAN and P5). Tomomi Isomura and Mafia Kajita were both on a after-show talking about the event and looking over the first details on the reveal.

Persona Stalker Club was announced on February 21, a week ahead of its debut episode, on Persona Channel's news blog. They announced the date of the first episode and that both Isomura and Kajita will return as the hosts for the new show.

Materials for the show are provided by ATLUS, and series character designer Shigenori Soejima designed the host's outfits, personalised versions of the Gekkoukan and Yasogami Uniforms, for Isomura and Kajita respectively.

ATLUS created the show in the hopes to deepen their bonds with their fans. The show is to have a lot of deep conversation, theories, and light-hearted fun fan talk.

[edit] Segments

[edit] こんなOOはシヤドウだ (This Shadow's Talk)

Clips from the Persona games are shown, and then left at a 'cliffhanger' point. From there, the two hosts must create a quote to follow up the shown scene.

[edit] なるほどな SEES (I see, SEES)

This is a Persona Q&A for small questions that people want to know. The hosts provide their own theories on the question, and then they read an official answer from the Persona Team.

Questions in the past include things like 'What does Yosuke listen to while in combat?' and 'Why does Takeharu Kirijo wear an eyepatch?'

Questions can be submitted through a form on the official PSC website.

[edit] ぺル空耳劇場 (Persora Misheard Theatre)

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A game created by Isomura, this is based around the idea that, since most Persona songs are in English, what do they sound like to people only familiar with Japanese?

Parts of a song are played, and a line or two will be read out as what they think it sounds like in Japanese. An example from Episode 1, a line from P3P's Wiping All Out was used. The line from the chorus, "It's coalition", sounds like "Isu kowarechau!" ("The chair is about to break!") in Japanese. Most line's are accompanied by illustrations depicting the misheard line.

This segment is the most popular segment on PSC, gathering much affection from fans, and from the Persona Team Vocalist's themselves. Yumi Kawamura appeared as a guest on Episode 3, and Lotus Juice will be a guest in Episode 4.

A CD called 'PERSORA -The Golden Best-' is being made, based on this segment.

The name of the segment, and the CD, is a portmanteau of 'Persona' and the japanese word 'Soramimi', which means 'mishearing' or 'deafness'.

[edit] マヨナカステ一ション (Midnight Station)

A merchandise segment, the hosts show off upcoming Persona products like games, figures, magazines, CDs, and more. They show several shots of the product (figure images, trailers, etc) and usually also have one with them for further looks and comparison.

[edit] ぺルソナ生体模写 (Persona Biological Replication)

PSCep4 Kali.png

A short, fun segment where the hosts must attempt to do their best impression of a given Persona, like Nekomata or Kali.

Show guests may also be featured, such as Lotus Juice's appearance in Episode 4.

[edit] Gameplay Reveals

As of Episode 3, PSC has been completely set up as a running series to continue, and so ATLUS have begun letting the team work with more.

In Episode 3, Tomomi and Kajita got hands-on with Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, where they were left to play with and explore the setup of the game, and to fight a powerful F.O.E Shadow. It was some of the first substantial gameplay shown since the game's reveal in November 2013, and showed off a lot of known features and unseen elements in a full battle scenario.

In the same episode, following up the previous day's announcement of Rise Kujikawa's announcement for Persona 4 Ultimax, the two fought each other in a build of P4AU to both play as Rise. This was the first real gameplay shown for Rise, as combat hadn't been shown too much in ATLUS's series of character trailers.

[edit] Links

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