Persona Mobile Online

Persona Mobile Online
PMO logo.png
Abbreviation PMO
Platform FOMA 703i/903i series phones (via iMode app)
JP Release Mar. 16 2009
NA Release Never
EU Release Never

Persona Mobile Online is a MMORPG for mobile phones in Japan. It is based heavily on the gameplay mechanics found in Persona 3. The player controls an avatar as they make their way around a high school setting, and clears out Shadows in the nearby areas.


[edit] School Life

The High School makes up the social setting of Persona Mobile Online. Here you can interact with other players, form a Party, use chat features, and buy and sell items on a market board.

You can also access The Velvet Room here. Igor will assist you in the strengthening and creation of your Persona.

[edit] Combat

Combat is reminiscent of Persona 3. Party Members are comprised of other actual players, rather than AI. Exploiting enemy weaknesses will give you a One More. Knocking down all enemies will grant you an All-Out Attack.

Enemy Shadows designs are also taken from Persona 3.

[edit] Arcana Points

The Social Link system is replaced by the Arcana Points system in PMO. Each player has an assigned Arcana, and spending time with players of a different Arcana will grant you Arcana Points, which will raise the Ranks with each filled progress bar of points.

Strengthening your Arcana Point Ranks unlocks new Personae for you to obtain from The Velvet Room.

[edit] Gallery

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