Persona Ain Soph

Persona Ain Soph
P00 logo.png
Abbreviation P00
Platform Web Browser
JP Release Feb 26 2008
NA Release Never
EU Release Never

Persona Ain Soph is a free Browser-based RPG that ran on Atlusnet, based on the setting of Persona 3.

The player begins their journey by encountering Igor in The Velvet Room, and is given a choice for their Initial Persona. They can choose from Inugami, Angel, Pixie, and Obariyon, who are Strength orientated, Magic orientated, Luck orientated, and Defense orientated, respectively. Margaret acts as the Attendant for The Velvet Room.

Players can strengthen their Persona during events, but the amount of things you can do in a single day is limited.

The game also contains a PvP system, where players can pit their Persona against each other.

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