Persona 5

Persona 5
Abbreviation P5
Platform PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4
JP Release 2016
NA Release 2017
EU Release 2017
Ratings CERO: TBA

Persona 5 is an upcoming RPG by ATLUS's P-Studio and the 5th major title in the Persona series. It is the ninth game in the Persona canon timeline, following Persona 4 Dancing All Night. It was initially announced during the November 2013 Persona Event, and was first given a proper teaser at Sony's Pre-Tokyo Game Show event in August 2015.

[edit] Plot Synopsis

Persona 5 centers on the Protagonist, a transfer student to Tokyo, with a central focus in the Shibuya district. By day, he and his friends are students at Shujin High School, and live a typical student life. At night, however, the group are a band of thieves, using their Persona abilities and skills to pull off heists across the city.

Unlike the usual scope of saving the world from a threat from The Other Side, Persona 5's Protagonist's issue is said to be more personal. He will have to overcome his own mental obstacles or else face trouble in the future.

[edit] Gameplay

Like the transition from the P1/2 era to P3/4 era, Persona 5 will bring a lot of changes to the franchise's play. In the social side of the game, the visual aspect has changed from a angled perspective camera to a more direct focused view. The models and game style have been based around the new art direction created in P-Studio's Catherine title.

The Calender system returns, with date and weather marked in the game's HUD. The days being split into different parts has not been shown on that HUD.

The Social Link system has been overhauled to a new system called Cooperation. Rather than building bonds with friends, you will need to work together with citizens and allies to build your power. The system is said to have several tweaks and adjustments from the Social Link system.

In the dungeon segments, the cast are actively disguising themselves in thief costumes. It has been theorized that due to the nature of this, and the heist aspect of the game, events in this game may return to taking place in the real world, not an aspect of The Other Side.

Equipment has been split back to Revelations: Persona's physical and ranged weapon split. Each party member with have one of each, for example, The Phantom can equip both knives and pistols. Another return to class Persona tradition is the presence of Shadows as their original Demon appearances. In the first PV, the party is shown fighting a Sandman and Pyro Jack.

The Dungeon aspect is one of the major changes in Persona 5. The feel has changed from a traditional third-person dungeon exploration to a more active, stealth based movement with platforming segments. Major dungeons will be designed set pieces for the heists, while more traditional randomized dungeons will be available outside of these major occasions. Enemies remain viewable on the field, rather than random encounters, and can be challenged at will.

[edit] Characters

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