Persona 3 The Movie -1 Spring of Birth-

Persona 3 The Movie -#1 Spring of Birth-
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Abbreviation P3M1
Release Dates Japan:

Nov. 23, 2013 (Theatres)
May. 14, 2014 (BD/DVD)

May. 20, 2014 (BD/DVD)

Persona 3 The Movie -#1 Spring of Birth- is the first part in the series of Persona 3 movie adaptions. It covers the events from Makoto Yuki's arrival in Iwatodai, up to the rescue of Fuuka Yamagishi at the start of May.

[edit] Changes from Persona 3

  • The reason for the train arriving so late at night in the opening was explained as an Apathy Syndrome victim jumping in front of a train. This delayed most of the train network and caused Makoto Yuki's train to arrive in Iwatodai just before 12am.
  • The opening sequence was expanded to show all the lead characters except Aigis, rather than just Makoto and Yukari. Notably it included Ken and Koromaru, who don't appear in Spring of Birth outside of this sequence.
  • Makoto's personality is expanded on, like Yu Narukami in Persona 4 The Animation. Like Yu, is he somewhat quiet and blunt, but has an edge to his words. His major personality trait is a reaction to the idea of other's deaths. While occasionally acting nonchalant about it, when a dangerous situation occurs in front of him, he has a flashback of his parent's death. This is what initially sets off his Awakening.
  • When Makoto is questioned about his prior knowledge of the Dark Hour, he explains that he's been experiencing it for several years.
  • Outside of the initial first night exploring Tartarus, not much progression of the tower is seen. There are occasional scenes of them visiting it, but no real combat is shown outside the Full Moon boss fights.
  • Makoto gains new Personae through defeating the Full Moon bosses. Upon a victory he gains a Persona corresponding to that Arcana. He gained Jack Frost from Arcana Magician, and Sarasvati from Arcana Priestess.
  • Makoto meets Fuuka much earlier in story, almost immediately after entering school at Gekkoukan High School. He stops to help her pick up her belongings after she is bullied by Natsuki Moriyama and her friends. They meet again later in the film, before she is trapped in the Gym and lost inside Tartarus.
  • His non-party member Social Links are barely seen. In the opening sequence, Bunkichi and Mitsuko Kitamura are both seen inside their store while Fuuka browses their collection. Maiko Oohashi is seen playing with Koromaru later in the opening. Kenji Tomochika is seen multiple times, but is portrayed more so as a friend of Junpei's rather than Makoto's. Kazushi Miyamoto is seen with a grieving Junpei when the first semesters Exam Scores are revealed.
  • During the operation for the rescue of Fuuka, Yukari confronts Makoto over his non-caring attitude, telling him not to come if he's not interested. Due to this, he spends most of the operation back at Iwatodai Dorm looking after Natsuki. Akihiko and Junpei are the ones that go in to rescue Fuuka. Makoto is warned by Pharos after realising at the same time as the others that the Full Moons are linked the appearance of the Arcana Shadows, and he takes Mitsuru's motorcycle to Tartarus in order to help defeat Arcana Emperor and Arcana Empress

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