Persona 3 Escape

Persona 3 Escape
P3escape logo.png
Abbreviation P4E
Platform NTT DoCoMo
JP Release Nov.19 2010
NA Release Never
EU Release Never

Persona 3 Escape is a spin-off of Persona 3 made for NTT DoCoMo Mobile Phones in Japan. The game was never released in English.

[edit] Plot Synopsis

During the Third Full Moon event in Persona 3, Makoto Yuki and Yukari Takeba are trapped inside a Love Hotel while searching for the Shadow. Persona 3 Escape is set during this scene, and offers an extended alternate way this plays out. The pair find themselves locked inside a room, and to progress through the hotel, they must investigate the current room they're in, and use a specific Persona to escape.

Persona's are collected through Investigation Phases, and these investigations give clues to the way the room works and what they need to do. You start with Makoto's Orpheus and Yukari's Io already in your Persona Set, and gather more through a card selection.

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