P5 Protagonist

P5 Protagonist
P5Protagonist Official Art.png
Art from Persona 5
Japanese Name ‎主人公
Arcana The Fool
First Appearance Persona 5
Weapon Knifes, Pistols
Initial Persona Arsène
Date Of Birth  ??? 2005, (16)
Ultimate Persona ‎Satanael
Group The Phantom Thieves
English Voice Actor Xander Mobus
Japanese Voice Actor Jun Fukiyama

The Protagonist of Persona 5. By day, a recent transfer student at Shujin High School in Tokyo, living at a coffee shop in Shibuya called Sumikon, run by friends of his parents. By night however, he is a wanted thief known as The Phantom.


[edit] Appearance

The Protagonist has short and messy black hair and grey eyes. He usually wears black frame rounded glasses with his Shujin High School uniform. The uniform itself is a black blazer, buttoned down the middle with red buttons. The school's emblem is stitched into the blazer chest pocket. Under the blazer he wears a white top with a turtleneck, and wears black plaid trousers with white and red lining.

As The Phantom, he wears a phantom thief getup. He has a black longcoat, trousers and boots, with a grey shirt and bright red gloves. His mask is white with black styling around the eyes. The mask's design is somewhat bird-themed.

In his initial visit to The Velvet Room, he is in a prisoner's outfit with a black and white striped top.

[edit] Character and Personality

As always, the Protagonist is a silent hero, and the player will control his actions and personality. Shigenori Soejima has noted in interviews that his quiet nature is actually a ruse.

[edit] Personae

The Protagonist's main Persona is Arsène, which he gains during his Awakening.

[edit] List of Appearances

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[edit] Gallery

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