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From the Persona 5 PV
Japanese Name N/A
Arcana N/A
First Appearance Persona 5
Weapon Cutlass, Slingshot
Initial Persona N/A
Advanced/Prime Persona N/A
Ultimate Persona N/A
Group N/A
English Voice Actor N/A
Japanese Voice Actor N/A

Morgana is one of the party members in Persona 5, and is a shapeshifting cat Persona-user.


[edit] Appearance

Morgana has two forms, one as a normal cat, and a cartoon-y cat thief costume.

In her normal form, Morgana is a plain black cat, with bright blue eyes, and white fur at the end of her tail.

In her Thief costume, she is an over-exaggerated cartoon style cat who stands on two legs. She has a big head with big blue eyes, and the part around the mouth is white rather than black, making it look like a mask. She wears a yellow scarf around her neck, and has a belt around her waist with bags attached.

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