Megami Tensei CHAINING SOUL: Persona 3

Megami Tensei CHAINING SOUL: Persona 3
MTCSP3 01.jpg
Abbreviation MTCH:P3
Platform SoftBank 3G Mobile Devices (via Yahoo)
JP Release Jun. 13 2007
NA Release Never
EU Release Never

Megami Tensei CHAINING SOUL: Persona 3 is a puzzle game for mobile phones. It is heavily based on the popular mobile game Bejeweled.

You build up four color gauges by clearing out jewels of the same colour, by lining up three or more. Getting these gauges to fill will produce Special Blocks. Clearing these Special Blocks will allow you to use Special Attacks on the grid.

You build your score through clearing blocks, Special Attacks, and Combos. The game ends when the timer reaches zero.

The game has two modes to play in, Normal Mode or Score Attack. In Normal Mode, you can challenge set stages. Clearing these will unlock a special wallpaper for your phone. Clearing the stage again while fulfilling certain criteria will unlock extra, secret wallpapers.

In Score Attack, you play for as long as you can. Your score will be recorded in a Ranking menu, for all players to see and compete.

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