Makoto Yuki

Makoto Yuki
Makoto P3.png
Art from Persona 3
Arcana The Fool / The Universe (After his Journey)
First Appearance Persona 3
Initial Persona Orpheus
Advanced/Prime Persona Orpheus Telos
Ultimate Persona Messiah
Group SEES
English Voice Actor Yuri Lowenthal
Japanese Voice Actor Akira Ishida

Makoto Yuki is the nameable Protagonist of Persona 3. He was given his official name in Persona 3 The Movie.


[edit] Character and Personality

Makoto is the player's insert, and therefore is very silent and unemotional. Compared to Tatsuya Suou and Yu Narukami, he is a lot quieter and generally very blunt or dark. Makoto's choices match this, with various opportunities to be either cruel or blunt. At one point during the Social Link with Maiko Oohashi, you can tell her when she asks why her parents would divorce that "It's probably your fault". Besides that, he is generally distant and blank. He will only ever speak if a conversation or question is directed directly at him. He does not have any Social Links with the other male members of SEES.

In the manga adaption, his 'blank player' personality is interpreted as a calm, neutral nature. While still only talking when directly addressed, he is overall calmer and more positive. He gets along well with others, Junpei Iori and Ryoji Mochizuki in particular, despite not having Social Links with them in the game.

In Persona 3 The Movie, Makoto is similar to his game appearance, but less cruel. He comes off as a loner, and Yukari Takeba mentions she thinks he is "creepy". His neutral and blank nature makes him come off as somewhat unpredictable, as there is an exact 50/50 chance he will assist someone, or just leave them alone. He tends to do whatever he is asked to without objection. As events during Spring of Birth play out, he slowly moves away from this personality due to the friendships he makes with the rest of SEES.

[edit] Personae

Makoto's Initial Persona is Orpheus. He gains this power due to the potential within him, pushed by Pharos at the start of the game. He also has a natural affinity with The Death Arcana due to the presence of Pharos, which allowed him to temporarily use Thanatos during his awakening.

Thanatos is officially considered one of Makoto's signature Personae, though it is only available to obtain after reaching Rank 10 in The Death Social Link. To create him, you must fuse every Persona listed under The Death Arcana (5 in Persona 3, 6 in FES).

By maxing out every Social Link in the game, Makoto is able to fuse his Prime Persona, Orpheus Telos. It is a stronger version of his Initial Persona, with much higher stats and a new Red and Gold colour palette. Orpheus Telos's Compendium entry states that is reborn from "bonding with many people". This is a nod to both its method to obtain it, and it's Skills in battle. It only has a single skill, 'Victory Cry' that it gains naturally. The other skills are filled by passed skills from Personae used to create it. Despite being a Prime Persona, Orpheus Telos is stronger than Messiah, based on the fact it Resists all types of attack, and has Victory Cry. Depending on what skills are fused into it, it can become a powerful Persona.

Makoto's Ultimate Persona is Messiah. It is created by fusing Orpheus and Thanatos, after reaching Rank 10 in The Judgement Social Link. It naturally has Megidolaon, and several support skills that restore HP and SP. In FES, Messiah was updated to be able to learn Enduring Soul, which will let you revive at full HP from death once per battle. Messiah only has a Unique Skill in Persona 3 Portable, called 'Magic Skill Up'. This makes all Elemental Spells, including Almighty Spells, 50% Stronger. This makes Messiah the strongest spell-based Persona in the game. The Persona is very representative of Makoto's fate in Persona 3, and it's design incorporates parts of the designs of Orpheus and Thanatos.

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