Kanji Tatsumi

Kanji Tatsumi
Kanji p4.png
Art from Persona 4
Japanese Name 巽 完二
Arcana The Emperor
First Appearance Persona 4
Weapon Blunt Weapons
Initial Persona Take-Mikazuchi
Advanced/Prime Persona Rokuten Maoh
Ultimate Persona Takeji Zaiten
Group Investigation Team
English Voice Actor Troy Baker
Japanese Voice Actor Tomokazu Seki
date of birth January 19,1996

Kanji Tatsumi is a major character in Persona 4 and all its kindred titles. He is temperamental and unruly which causes many people to be afraid of him, although it is later revealed that he struggles with sensitivity and self-acceptance issues. He is one of the members of the Investigation Team and a permanent resident of Inaba. His family owns Tatsumi Textiles, located in the town's Shopping District.


[edit] Appearance

Kanji keeps a tough and strong demeanour that he keeps across all his outfits, in order to keep up his appearance of being a strong, independant brawler. He wears his school jacket over his shoulders when in uniform, rather than actually having it on. His glasses inside the TV World are sunglasses.

[edit] Character and Personality

Kanji is introduced when the game enters its cycle of rescuing the potential victims while hoping for clues to the murderer. He is the first attempted murder after the groups official formation after the rescue of Yukiko Amagi.

He at first comes off as a thug, with various TV reports and comments by Ryotaro Dojima making him out to be nothing but trouble. The group of four encounter him while investigating their initial theories regarding how the Midnight Channel warnings work, and are checking if he is still in Inaba. He spends a lot of time during this part of the game with Naoto Shirogane, and due to this Kanji has a fierce reaction to people trying to make anything of it, even misunderstanding intentions to think the person is about to say something else. Due to the way these reactions come about, there is an implication that Kanji may be homosexual, and is attracted to Naoto.

When Kanji faces his Shadow Self, it is revealed that this is a misreading of his true personality; Kanji is scared of other people, and their opinions on what he does. He has a belief that, as a male, he has to be tough and strong, but he's actually a fan of cute things, and a skilled artist at knitting. During his Social Link, Yu Narukami helps him accept this side of him. Kanji goes on to show his true self to everyone, opening a store for his knitted dolls inside Tatsumi Textiles.

[edit] Personae

Kanji's Initial Persona is Take-Mikazuchi, who he obtained by facing his true self and defeating his Shadow.

Kanji's Advanced Persona is Rokuten Maoh. Take-Mikazuchi transforms into Rokuten Maoh when Kanji fully accepts his personality as a guy who enjoys cute things, like knitting and dolls. When deciding to no longer hide it away, he unlocks his potential to advance.

His Ultimate Persona is Takeji Zaiten, a stronger evolved version of his Advanced. He gains this by reaffirming his bond, and having overcome Ameno-sagiri.

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