Kanami Mashita

Kanami Mashita
Kanami P4D.png
Art from Persona 4 Dancing All Night
Arcana Unknown
First Appearance Persona 4 Dancing All Night
Initial Persona None
Group Kanamin's Kitchen

Kanami "Kanamin" Mashita is a character from the Persona 4 Series, and is a idol junior to Rise Kujikawa. She was mentioned in Rise's Social Link in Persona 4, and appears as a lead character in Persona 4 Dancing All Night.

[edit] Character and Personality

Kanamin is a young and cheerful idol, under the management of Inoue, Rise's manager. Her design is bright and colorful. She shows great respect for her senior, Rise, and the two get along well.

Before her idol life, she was a very ordinary looking girl. Rise mentions in her Social Link during Persona 4 that she was a trainee under her, and also had a fake 'image' just like Rise's own image as Risette.

As of P4D, Kanami is the leader of an idol unit called Kanamin's Kitchen.

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