Chie Satonaka

Chie Satonaka
Chie p4.png
Art from Persona 4
Japanese Name 里中 千枝
Arcana The Chariot
First Appearance Persona 4
Weapon Martial Arts
Initial Persona Tomoe
Advanced/Prime Persona Suzaka Gongen
Ultimate Persona Haraedo-no-Okami
Group Investigation Team
English Voice Actor Tracey Rooney (P4)

Erin Fitzgerald (all following)

Japanese Voice Actor Yui Horie
Date of Birth July 30,1994

Chie Satonaka is a major character in Persona 4 and all its kindred titles. She is Yukiko Amagi's best friend and a permanent resident of Inaba.


[edit] Appearance

Chie Satonaka is of average height (5'2, which is slightly taller than most of the other females of the Investigation Team) with short brown hair in a bowl cut style. Contrary to the other girls in her school, Chie holds a tomboyish, sporty type clothing style. She wears a green and yellow track jacket under her Yasogami uniform, couples with the traditional plaid skirt and leggings. During summer months, she is seen wearing the white school uniform with the same jacket tied around her hips. During summer off days, she wears a green tank top with a flower pattern and dark colored shorts. On colder winter months, she wears a forest green coat with white high socks and light colored pants.

During the festival, she wears a traditional yukata with white, green, and yellow patterns. On New Years, she wears a white and blue kimono with a multicolored band just above the hips. Like all controllable characters in Persona 4: Golden, Chie has an array of outfits to choose from while exploring the TV World. In the epilogue, Chie has slightly longer hair with a more feminine attire. Her outfit consists of a yellow top with a short blue jacket and dark pants.

In Persona 4: Arena, Chie returns to her traditional green jacket over her Yasogami uniform. In most scenes, the jacket is not zipped up.

[edit] Character and Personality

[edit] Personae

Chie's Initial Persona is Tomoe, who she obtained by facing her true self and defeating her Shadow.

Chie's Advanced Persona is Suzaka Gongen. When Yu and her become close, either through becoming Lovers, or sworn teammates, she gains the strength and potential to advance her Persona.

Her Ultimate Persona is Haraedo-no-Okami, a stronger version of Suzaka Gongen. She gains this Persona after having defeated Ameno-Sagiri,

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