Anzu Takamaki

Ann Takamaki
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From a Persona 5 cutscene
Japanese Name 高巻 杏
Arcana The Lovers
First Appearance Persona 5
Weapon Whips, Uzis
Height 168 cm
Date of Birth November 17, 2005(16)
Ultimate Persona Carmen
Group The Phantom Theives
English Voice Actor Nana Mizuki
Japanese Voice Actor Erika Harlacher

Ann Takamaki, a student at Shujin High School, is a party member in Persona 5 and a classmate of the Protagonist.

=== Appearance ===Ann has bright blue eyes and ash blonde wavy hair styled in bushy pigtails, with parted side bangs on the right side of her face. She accessorizes with a single yellow hair clip above her left ear, as well as small circular earrings on both ears. It is implied she is of mixed ethnicity; her surname is Japanese implying partial Japanese descent, she mentions she used to live in Finland possibly implying she is of Finnish descent, and her profile mentions she is 1/4 American.[1] She is slightly taller than the girls in Japan and the tallest female member of the Phantom Thieves. Her winter school uniform is modified to fit her taste; the standard black blazer over a white varsity-like hoodie worn long to cover most of her short plaid skirt. Her hoodie has a zipper, a red stripe between two blue stripes at the bottom, and S symbol near the front bottom on one side, and a green four-leaf-clover symbol on the back of the hood. She wears red tights and brown boots with yellow laces.

Her summer school uniform is a white shirt with a blue jacket wrapped on her waist and the skirt is more visible. She has black socks with white lining and dark brown shoes. Her hairpin is now red instead of yellow and she wears a silver necklace.

Her summer casual clothes consists of a black tank top with "U2O" on it over a white shirt, with red sunglasses hanging from the middle of her chest. She wears blue denim short shorts with a red plaid shirt wrapped around her waist, black cropped socks, and red sneakers.

Her winter casual clothes consists of a lavender blue button shirt covered with a red and white jersey jacket with an S symbol near the front bottom on one side. She has a white skirt, black leggings, and red converse shoes. She wears big red round earrings.

Her thief outfit consists of a skin tight red latex catsuit worn with a matching red panther mask, cleavage cutout, zippers, pink gloves, dark red thigh-high boots, and has a clipped on tail in the back

=== Character and Personality ===Restrained in her daily life, Ann feels she has lost her place in the world. Although she is respectful and polite towards her peers and elders, Ann is a bit more withdrawn and isolated from the rest of the kids at school due to becoming the subject of rumors regarding her and Suguru Kamoshida - students have called her "Kamoshida's bitch." She feels nearly everyone, except Kamoshida and Shiho Suzui, pretends and acts like she is invisible, giving her the silent treatment. In the beginning of the game, Ann is an unpopular student with very few friends. The only one she opens up to is her only best friend, Shiho. She cares so much for her only friend that she is willing to do what Kamoshida told her to for Shiho's sake. Thus, she shows how headstrong and fierce she can be if someone hurt her friends. Ann is shown to have great emotional intelligence and altruism where it counts.


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