Persona 3 Social

Persona 3 Social
P3S PromotionalArt.png
Abbreviation P4S
Platform Mobile Phones using Mobage-town
JP Release August 17 2010
NA Release Never
EU Release Never

Persona 3 Social is a Free-to-Play social mobile game based on Persona 3.

Players can pick a Male or Female Protagonist to represent them in the game. The chosen Protagonist will be a student of Gekkoukan High School, who is introduced to the world of Personae and Shadows.

Players take on various Quests, that can vary from fighting off Shadows, to finding certain items. Players are able to team up to take on Boss Battles.

Various Personae are available for the player to obtain, including ones owned by characters from the original game, like Orpheus, Isis, Artemisia, and Thanatos.

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