Persona 3

Persona 3
Boxart (Persona 3).jpg
Developer ATLUS
Publisher ATLUS
Koei (EU, AU)
Release Dates Jul 13, 06 (JP)
Aug 14, 07 (US)
Feb 29, 08 (EU)
Mar 06, 08 (AU)
Ratings CERO: B
PEGI: 12+
Genre JRPG
Player(s) 1
Platforms PS2

Persona 3 (ペルソナ3 Perusona 3 ) is an original title for Sony's Playstation 2. It is the first highly successful Persona title, which paved the way for the prosperity of its successor, Persona 4. Persona 3 has been remade twice, once for the PS2 (see Persona 3 FES) and for the Playstation Portable (see Persona 3 Portable). Characters from this original title are featured in Persona 4 Arena.


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