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|title=Persona 4  
|title=Persona 4  
|image= [[Image:P4logo.png|300px]]  
|image= [[Image:P4logo.png|300px]]  
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File:Boxart (Persona 4).jpg|North American Boxart
File:Boxart (Persona 4).jpg|North American Boxart

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Persona 4
Abbreviation P4
Platform PS2
Release Dates JP.png Jul. 10, 2008
NA.png Dec. 08, 2008
EU.png Mar. 13, 2009
Ratings CERO: B
PEGI: 16+

Persona 4 (ペルソナ4 Perusona 4) is the fifth game in the Persona Main Canon, following Persona 3 and preceding Persona 4 Arena. It has recently been remastered in HD with bonus content for the Playstation Vita (see Persona 4 Golden).


[edit] Plot Synopsis

[edit] Gameplay

In the Real World, you attend school and socialise with classmates and friends, building up your various stats, your Social Links, and your money. This simulation part of the game makes up a majority of your time, as things you do here will enhance your team's strength inside dungeons.

The shops for weapons and equipment are accessible, along with another shop for items.

The 'Tired/Good/Great' system has been removed. Since accessing the dungeons and doing Social Links in the same day is no longer possible (Entering the dungeons must be done in the day, rather than at a separate event during the evening.)

The TV World is filled with various dungeons created by the people unknowingly thrown inside. You access them all from a central hub, and then head to the different locations from there. You form your team at a dungeon's entrance, rather than at the hub.

Gameplay is similar to Persona 3, but a new Tactic, "Direct Commands", has been added. This allows you to fully control your party members actions from a battle menu, as if you were still playing as the protagonist. The 'Persona' option is greyed out on your party member's battle menu, as they are restricted to their current Persona.

'Slash', 'Strike' and 'Pierce' are removed, and there are now just 'Physical' attacks for Weapons and Melee Persona Skills.

[edit] Characters

[edit] Gallery

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