P5 Protagonist

P5 Protagonist
P5Protagonist Official Art.png
Art from Persona 5
Japanese Name ‎主人公
Arcana The Fool
First Appearance Persona 5
Weapon Knifes, Pistols
Initial Persona Arsène
Date Of Birth  ??? 2005, (16)
Ultimate Persona ‎Satanael
Group The Phantom Thieves
English Voice Actor Xander Mobus
Japanese Voice Actor Jun Fukiyama

The Protagonist of Persona 5. By day, a recent transfer student at Shujin High School in Tokyo, living at a coffee shop in Shibuya called Sumikon, run by friends of his parents. By night however, he is a wanted thief known as The Phantom.



The Protagonist has short and messy black hair and grey eyes. He usually wears black frame rounded glasses with his Shujin High School uniform. The uniform itself is a black blazer, buttoned down the middle with red buttons. The school's emblem is stitched into the blazer chest pocket. Under the blazer he wears a white top with a turtleneck, and wears black plaid trousers with white and red lining.

As The Phantom, he wears a phantom thief getup. He has a black longcoat, trousers and boots, with a grey shirt and bright red gloves. His mask is white with black styling around the eyes. The mask's design is somewhat bird-themed.

In his initial visit to The Velvet Room, he is in a prisoner's outfit with a black and white striped top.

Character and Personality

As always, the Protagonist is a silent hero, and the player will control his actions and personality. Shigenori Soejima has noted in interviews that his quiet nature is actually a ruse.


The Protagonist's main Persona is Arsène, which he gains during his Awakening.

List of Appearances

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